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Mina Al-Jisr Hospital Conducts Several Surgeries on Pilgrims
26 October 2012
   Mina Al-Jisr Hospital has conducted three gastrointestinal tract endoscopy operations; the first of which was conducted to an Indian pilgrim, aged 80 years. The medical team examined the patient, and it turned out that he was suffering from cirrhosis; hence he was administered 4 blood units, then he underwent gastrointestinal tract endoscopy.
Dr. Mansour Al-Ghamdi, the gastroenterology and endoscopy consultant, pointed out that the place of bleeding was identified and it was tackled via injection. Thus, the patient is sound and healthy, and he is to be flocked in the medical convoy, Allah willing.
Furthermore, Al-Ghamdi affirmed that the hospital received two pilgrims suffering from black-colored vomiting, and endoscopy was conducted to them. However, no bleeding was identified and they were medically treated. Thus, they were discharged from the hospital, and they are completely healthy and sound.
For his part, the Director of Mina Al-Jisr Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Fadin affirmed that the hospital is equipped with the latest medical devices and is staffed with the qualified technical cadres, tackling the pilgrims' cases at a regular basis. He went on adding that the number of those frequenting the outpatient clinics section reached over 1700 patients; they were professionally and swiftly handled, to the effect that the waiting time was as less as five minutes. The number of those frequenting Emergency section reached over 350 cases; and the number of intensive care cases was over 13 cases, of which 4 cases were referred to King Abdullah Medical City for cardiac catheterization. 
Within the same vein, Fadin added that a sun stroke case, for a Chinese patient, aging 65 years, was tackled; he was suffering from very high temperature but without sweat. Hence, the necessary tests were conducted, then he started his medication course. And after his temperature began to slightly lower, he was transferred to the Intensive Care, where he was treated via venous cooling device, which is one of the modern technologies used in the Holy Sites. Thus, May Allah be praised, the patient's temperature started to lower, and if his health condition stabilized, he would be flocked in the convoy.
Moreover, Fadin pointed out that the number of those admitting to the Internal Medicine section reached 15 cases; of which was a case for a Nigerian woman, aging 28 years. Also, the number of those admitting to Surgery section reached 5 cases; 4 surgerical operations were conducted such as appendicitis. In addition, irreducible hernia was treated without a surgerical intervention.

Last Update : 14 November 2012 10:45 AM
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