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Dr. Al-Arnous: (80) Medical Teams Treated 2311 Pilgrims on the Tarwiyah Day
25 October 2012
   Dr. Tarek bin Salem Al-Arnos, the Director-General of MOH Emergency; and the head of Emergency and Field Medicine Committee, pointed out that the medical teams in charge of the small ambulances, which are made up of  (80) teams, have supervised the treatment of (2311) pilgrims on the Day of Tarwiah (watering; the eighth day of Dhul-Hijjah); (80) cases have been transferred to the Holy Sites' hospitals at a rate less than (7%) of the case total. However, these teams are distinguished with the ability to tackle all the medical emergency cases, and take the sound decision in all the circumstances requiring swift intervention.   
And Dr. Al-Arnos added that these ambulances have accompanied the pilgrims during the flocking journey to Arafat. In the Holy Site of Arafat, (12) ambulances around the AL- Rahmah Mountain, and (12) ones around Nimra mosque have been positioned along. In addition, the rest of ambulances have spread all over Arafat to provide the medical care for the pilgrims. They also accompany them in the pedestrian routes on the first day of Tashreeq; from Arafat to Muzdalifah and the Grand Mosque (Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām), then to Mina; as they are the only vehicles authorized to run on these routes to remain along on the Immolation Day and the three Tashreeq Days (following the Immolation Day). They are also positioned around Al-Jamarat Bridge in the north and south; and the streets leading to Al-Jamarat Bridge such as Souk Al-Arab Street, Al-Jawharah Street, El-jeded Street, and the King Fahad Road.
Dr, Al-Arnos pointed out that the small ambulances are equipped with the latest necessary devices to take care of the critical cases such as heart monitor, defibrillator and artificial respiratory devices. In addition, these ambulances are linked to Operations Management Chamber in the Emergency complex in Al-Measam via wireless devices; where in the chamber, a team of seasoned technicians work and direct the ambulances to the targets from the shortest and quickest routes.

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