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Minister of Health Conducts an Inspection Tour through Arafat's Hospitals
25 October 2012
   In the morning of Arafat Day, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, made an inspection tour to Arafat General Hospital and Al-Rahma Mountain Hospital in Arafat, in order to follow up the work flow in these hospitals, and verify of the services being provided to the pilgrims.
The tour started with Arafat Hospital, where he was received by Dr. Ahmed Khroubi, and the scouting team participating in the hospital's organizational work. He visited the hospitalized patients as well as the injured at emergency sections. Also, he had a look on the workflow at the hospital's intensive care sections.
It followed that he headed to Al-Rahma Mountain Hospital, where he was received by the director of the hospital, Dr. Fahad Al-Afghani, who accompanied him through the hospital's various sections to get assured about patients' health situation at the Dialysis Section and the Emergency Section.
It is noteworthy, Al-Rahma Mountain Hospital has received, on Dhul-Hijjah 9th, received 9 dialysis cases of the Iranian expedition; they were tackled and treated. Thus, the patients suffering from dialysis expressed their satisfaction about the health service provided to them, appreciating the swiftness of their transferring, and the good treatment they received while having the dialysis sessions conducted to them in the hospital.
For his part, Dr. Fahad Al-Afghani, the director of the hospital,  noted that all the cases have been tackled in previous coordination with the expedition, to the effect that their appointments were tabulated with the other cases, which are admitted to hospital; and the solutions and machines which the dialysis patient needs were provided, and service was provided for them. This is in order for the pilgrims to complete their rituals in the rest of the Holy Sites, Allah willing.
Furthermore, Al-Rahma Mountain Hospital conducted, yesterday, esophageal varices cauterization operation to an Omani patient, aging 48. He was one of those flocking to the Holy Site of Arafat, from the King Fahad Hospital in Madinah. On the other hand, Dr. Hammad Shuga' Al-Othmani, a gastroenterologist at King Fahad General Hospital in Jeddah, in charge of Arafat Hospital for this year's Hajj, noted that the patient was received in hepatic coma as a result of second degree cirrhosis. In addition, he was suffering from acute shortage of hemoglobin. So, his case was tackled until he came around. And after diagnostic endoscopy, it turned out that he was suffering from bleeding varices and stomach congestion; hence the case was tackled accurately and successfully, and the patient's condition is stable. Allah willing, he is to complete his Hajj rituals along his expedition.
Dr. Hammad further explained that Arafat General Hospital contains all kinds of curative endoscopies used for the digestive system; and it is successfully used just like any advanced medical center all over the world.

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