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Mina Al-Wadi Hopsital Witnesses the First Birth-giving Case in the Holy Sites in 1433-Hajj Season
25 October 2012
   On the Day of Tarwiyah (watering), corresponding to Dhul-Hijja 8th, 1433H, Mina Al-Wadi Hopsital witnessed the first birth-giving case in the Holy Sites, when a Pakistani female Hajj performer (hajjah) gave birth to female twins; they were named Safa and Marwah. They were delivered by the Hospital's Gynecologist Dr. Hamza Al-Salamoni.
For his part, the Director of Mina Al-Wadi Hospital, Dr. Abdullahm Mesleh Al-Khozaee pointed out that the hospital prepared earlier to receive the Hajj patients. He also clarified that the birth was natural and the female-baby twins are healthy, May Allah be praised.
For his part, the father of the female-baby twins stated that upon arriving in Mina, his wife went into labor, so he took her to Mina Al-Wadi Hopsital, where she was naturally delivered, My Allah be praised. He also extended his thanks to the hospital's director and the medical team, supervising his wife's delivering, expressing his happiness for their birth in the Holy Sites.
Also, Hajjah Tahrah Yasmeen, the mother of the female baby twins, still receiving the necessary healthcare at Mina Al-Wadi Hospital in the Holy Sites, expressed her happiness about delivering the twins in the Holy Places.

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