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Yemeni Pilgrim Lauds the Kingdom's Care for Pilgrims, as Evidently Manifested in his Mother's Case

​Haj Hassan Mabkhot, a Yemeni pilgrim, accompanying his mother in the flocking convoy of Madinah's patients to Arafat extended his thanks and gratitude to the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for what the Hajj performers and the visitors of our Prophet's City enjoy in terms of care and several distinctive services since their arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Haj Mabkhot commended what he found in terms of care, interest, and a prestigious medical service in Al-Ansar Hospital, where his mother, 75 years, was received, when she felt a sudden pain and a shudder in the heart. Having been examined, it turned out that she is suffering from a heart attack, which had her being referred to Madinah Cardiac Center (MCC).

 Having had her case diagnosed, she was given the necessary ambulatory treatment and was told that her condition is stable and reassuring, and that she cannot be discharged only after conducting more examinations, having her condition stabilized, and following up her condition for several days after leaving the Intensive Care.

Last Update : 02 January 2013 11:57 AM
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