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A Bangladeshi Pilgrim Undergoes a Successful Surgery at Hiraa Hospital
25 October 2012
   The surgical team of Hiraa General Hospital conducted a cholecystectomy surgery on a Bangladeshi pilgrim. Right now, he has convalesced and is about to leave the hospital soon to complete performing the Hajj rites with his Hajj Mission.
The pilgrim who underwent the surgery, Haj Yasseen, thanked the director of the hospital, as well as the surgical team, especially Dr. Ashraf Abdulazeem and Dr. Tarik Habeeb, under whose supervision the surgery was conducted, his pains were alleviated, and his life was rescued.
For his part, Dr. Ashraf Abdulazeem, a surgeon, explained that when Dr. Yasseen was moved to the hospital, his case was so critical, due to blood poisoning (toxemia) accompanied by acute drop in blood circulation. He was immediately given the necessary medications and solutions, and then he was prepared for the abdomen discovery surgery, which took two hours and half. By examining the abdomen, a large hole was detected in the gallbladder. Therefore the gallbladder was instantly eradicated.
The director of the hospital, Dr. Waleed bin Abdulhaleem Mohamed Hassanein, for his part, gave a general tip to be followed by most pilgrims; that is not to take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor, and, when experiencing critical abdominal pain, to be very cautions, and to see a doctor immediately to know the cause of such a pain, and take the proper medication. Meanwhile, he prayed for Allah to help all pilgrims perform the Hajj rites healthily and safely.

Last Update : 12 November 2012 04:22 PM
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