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Dr. Al-Ghamdi: 34 Health Centers Provide Health Services for Pilgrims in Mina
23 October 2012
   As of Dhul-Hijjah 7th, MOH centers in Mina have embarked on providing ambulatory and curative services for pilgrims. Curative services are provided in accordance with the operational plan of Mina's health centers, which are 34 centers, out of which 28 centers are permanent, and 6 centers are overlooking Muzdalifah Footpath.
This announcement was made by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi, the Director-General of MOH Hospitals, and head of Supervisory Committee of Hospitals and Centers during Hajj, who further pointed out that these centers are staffed by 650 employees, out of whom 204 are physicians, 335 nurses, and 50 pharmacists, in addition to the administrative staff. According to Dr. Al-Ghamdi, all centers have undergone comprehensive maintenance. Also, modern and advanced sterilization methods have been exploited to prevent infection. That's to be added to organizing training courses for employees (both medical and technical staff), accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS), at a rate of 16 hours each.
Speaking of the health services provided by these centers, Dr. Al-Ghamdi explained that each center contains 4-6 clinics and an observation room for men, and the same for women, in addition to a recovery room and a bandage room. All centers provide ambulatory and first-aid services for critical and chronic cases, aside from health-awareness activities. Most cases receive the necessary treatment and leave the center, whereas critical and complicated cases, those to be hospitalized, are moved by ambulances to specialized hospitals, such as Mina Emergency Hospital and the other Holy Sites' hospitals included in the plan. It is worth mentioning that all centers have been provided with modern, feasible cardiopulmonary recovery devices to address the onset of emergencies among pilgrims. “Training on such devices was included in the training programs organized for these centers' staff,” said Al-Ghamdi.  
The Ministry has prepared, besides, 25 hospitals; out of which 9 hospitals are in Madinah, and 7 hospitals in Makkah, in addition King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC). The total bed capacity of these hospitals is 5250 beds (4200 clinical beds, 500 IC beds, and 550 emergency beds). Another 8 hospitals have been prepared in the Holy Sites, supported by 141 permanent and seasonal health centers (43 health centers in Makkah, 80 centers in the Holy Sites [distributed as such: 46 in Arafat, 6 overlooking Muzdalifah Footpath and 28 in Mina]), and 12 centers in Madinah. In addition, 20.000 physicians, nurses, technicians and administrative staff have been dedicated for pilgrims' service. Moreover, 16.000 units of blood and blood products have been provided, and 175 ambulances have been set ready for providing ambulatory services to diseased pilgrims, thus ensuring distinctive health healthcare throughout the Hajj sites. 

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