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Dr. Merghalani: Pilgrim's Health Condition Is Reassuring .. No Epidemic Cases Reported
22 October 2012
   The MOH Spokesman, Dr. Khaled bin Mohammed Merghalani, has affirmed that the Ministry ended all the arrangements with regard to Mina's hospitals and health centers; in order to provide the best health services to the pilgrims, pointing out that the Ministry prepared 4 hospitals: Emergency Tower Hospital, Mina Al-Jisr Hospital, Mina Al-Wadi Hospital, and Mina Al-Share' Al-Jadid Hospital; with a total 560 bed capacity, of which there are 103 Intensive Care beds; and 108 Emergency bed. They also include Internal Medicine specialties: Cardiology, Diabetes, and Burns; Surgery, Orthopedics; and Otolaryngology. In addition to this, they include outpatient clinics with different medical specialties for the adult and the young. Also, there are hospitalization and X-ray sections; and laboratories supported by 28 health centers covering the Holy Site of Mina.
Within the same vein, Dr. Merghalani Pointed out that the Ministry started the pilot operation for the health facilities as of 17/10 to make sure of its readiness, making clear that the Ministry prepared preventive and curative plans during the existence of the pilgrims at this Holy Site.
He added that the early preparations included equipping and staffing the hospitals and health centers with the highest level of medical and nursery cadres, medical devices, and communication technology. In addition to this, it provided them with the medicines, solutions, and medical reagents, which the hospitals need to serve the pilgrims; in addition to a blood bank containing enough amounts of blood units and groups.
He affirmed further that the Ministry of Health provided field medical teams , able to swiftly intervene and tackle what result from crowding and jostling, May Allah forbids, to the effect that  it provided 80 large ambulances and 95 small ones. It also prepared plans for medical evacuation in terms of emergency accidents, and assured of the readiness and precision of its staff with regard to their implementing for the emergency plans at the health facilities and tackling the emergency infectious and epidemiological cases.
Dr. Merghalani concluded that the pilgrim's health condition is reassuring, and there are no epidemiological cases among them, calling on the pilgrims to head the nearest health facility in case they should have any health problems; in order to receive the appropriate medication, which in turn helps them perform the Hajj rituals properly.

Last Update : 18 November 2012 05:06 PM
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