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King Faisal Hospital in Makkah Completes its Preparations for the Pilgrims' Health Care
21 October 2012
   Within the framework of the MOH's efforts to serve the pilgrims and provide the health services for them, King Faisal Hospital in the Holy Capital (Makkah) is working on completing its preparations in order to receive diseased cases and provide the health care for them. The hospital provides ambulatory services around the clock for emergency or accident cases; the number of the clinical beds amounts to 200 beds.

The hospital includes many administrative and medical departments, which work according to regulatory sequence. Also, it includes full-fledged technical and administrative cadre, in addition to the employees included in the health regulation (physicians, pharmacists, and nursing technicians). These employees have been supported during the Hajj through the Hajj program of the Health Affairs Directorate in the Holy Capital (Makkah). 

Furthermore, it includes the most prominent medical services provided in the hospital; which are the outpatient clinics. There are 17 specialized clinics and 6 dental clinics, in addition to general surgery, urology and kidney diseases, plastic surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, ear-nose-throat, ophthalmology, internal medicine, pulmonology, anesthesiology, digestive system, fever clinics. Also, dental clinics include oral and maxillofacial surgery, root canal and nerve treatment, and conservative dentistry clinics.

Outpatient clinics receive the patients of the primary health care centers, located in the residential sector, which the hospital serves, and they are currently 19 health centers. They also receive cases referred from other authorities, and they are the school health units, medical management of Umm Al-Qura University, medical management of the General Security Hospital, medical unit of National Guard Presidency, and other governmental administrations in the Holy Capital (Makkah).  In addition, in the hospital there is the isolation ward containing 41 beds; it is the ward, in the Holy Capital Health Affairs Directorate, meant to isolate the epidemiological and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, acquired immunodeficiency disease (AIDS), dengue fever, chickenpox, measles, and meningitis. However, the role of this ward is highlighted during the Hajj season through its receiving for all the pilgrims' cases suspected of being injured with infectious diseases.

As far as Kidney Diseases Center is concerned, it conducts blood dialysis regularly for the dialysis patients. The Center contains 17 blood dialysis machines, in addition to X-ray section, equipped with 3 sound waves devices, 3 fixed X-ray machines, fluoroscopy machine, and 5 mobile X-ray machines, in addition to fully-fledged CT scan.

Also, the cardiology section has been equipped with echocardiography devices (echo) and holter monitor (Holter). In addition, the section conducts ECG stress tests and   echocardiography tests through esophagus. 

And in the hospital, there are also fully-fledged gastrointestinal endoscopy unit and full-fledged unit for endoscopy surgeries. In addition, there are photodynamic therapy unit at the dermatological section, providing its services for vitiligo and psoriasis patients; and full-fledged section for physical and rehabilitation treatments at physical therapy section.

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