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Heraa Hospital Finishes its Preparations to Serve Pilgrims
21 October 2012
   Heraa General Hospital continues to provide its services for the pilgrims, as it is one of the most important hospitals in Makkah, due to the role it plays for the citizens, residents, and Hajj and Umrah performers, and its securing of the medical, curative, and preventive services for all the patients all day round.

The director of the hospital has lent it greatest attention to the pilgrims and those willing to perform the Hajj rites; to the effect that it has arranged for several educational and tutorial activities and Hajj-related symposia, the most important of which are (the Annual Hajj Symposium for Nursing), awareness activity on (the Pilgrims' Service), and a symposium on hand cleanliness entitled (Hand-Washing Protects our Life). It has also prepared the medical facilities and sections, has intensified the field tours; in order to make sure of the safety of devices, the expiry date of medicines, and medical supplies, and secure the medical prerequisites for the Hajj health. In addition, it has increased the capacity of Intensive Care to 20 beds, has intensified the medical maintenance,   and has secured all the medicines for those hospitalized at the hospital's sections, namely patient-life-related medicines. It has also provided the bags of the medical convoys for the ill pilgrims, and has worked on providing the labor force for the critical medical sections in a way that goes with the expected increase in the number of those frequenting the hospital during the Hajj season.

Furthermore, the director of the hospital has provided the emergency entry with rooms equipped with ambulatory bags and medical guide, and has prepared the medical teams which cover the work all day round. Also, it has provided the airstrip to receive the aerial medical evacuation cases for highly critical cases, if need be, and has designated two clinics for sorting the patients at the emergency entry: one for the male patients and the other for females and children; this is with the goal of receiving simple cases and reducing the pressure over the main emergency section, and keeping operating all the sections of the outpatient clinics, which includes Dermatology, Digestive System, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology and Infection Combat, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), and Ophthalmology.

In addition, Medical evacuation rehearsals have been conducted and it has been made sure of the hospital staff understanding for their roles. And the preparation degree has been raised At the X-ray section and laboratory; to cope with the increase in the patient numbers.

Within the framework of the Annual Hajj Emergency Plan, external evacuation plan has been conducted, to the effect that the hospital administration has carried out a rehearsal of receiving 20 injured in a bus accident; and the notes have been taken and they are being addressed.

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