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Dr. AL-Rabeeah: MOH Keeps a Close Eye on the Health Status around the Clock
20 October 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah has affirmed that the Ministry of Health continues to closely monitor and follow up the health status at both the local and international levels. It has taken all professional precautions at all the land, air, and sea ports. It also communicates around the clock with the international health organizations and authorities.

Dr. Al-Rabeeah has stated: “The pilgrims' health status is very assuring; no epidemiological diseases have been detected. We are optimistic this year to have a Hajj season free from epidemics, Allah willing, as all the health indicators and reports are good among the pilgrims, May Allah be praised.”

Dr. Al-Rabeeah made this announcement on Saturday morning, while presiding over the Seventh Preparatory Hajj Meeting to review the workflow at the committees and the preparations to carry out the Ministry's plan for the 1433-Hajj season. In addition, his Excellency has viewed the reports of all the preparatory committees with regard to the equipment, programs, plans, and rehearsals to make sure of the readiness of the facilities and those working at them.

Moreover, His Excellency has affirmed that the Ministry has enlisted field medical teams to address emergency cases at a regular basis in the areas where the pilgrims exist, through experts and consultants in the relevant specialties.

Furthermore, His Excellency pointed out that the Ministry's team, at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, has addressed 1,012,012 pilgrims, and given the polio vaccine for the pilgrims hailing from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Nigeria. More importantly, it has provided the preventive treatment for those hailing from the African belt. 

Also, Dr. Al- Rabeeah has made clear that the Ministry of Health has prepared (25) hospitals, distributed to Makkah (7 hospitals), Madinah (9 hospitals), Mina (4 hospitals), and 4 hospitals in Arafat; of which is the newly-inaugurated Eastern Arafat Hospital, which is to present its services for the first time during this year's Hajj season. The total bed capacity of these hospitals amounts to (5250) beds; out of which there are 4200 beds for specialized departments, in addition to 500 intensive care beds, and  550 emergency beds. In addition, it has prepared 141 permanent and seasonal health centers in the Hajj areas: 43 health centers in the Holy Capital (Makkah), 80 health centers in the Holy Sites, 12 health centers in Madinah, and 17 health centers along Al-Jamarat Bridge. 

His Excellency added that the Ministry has provided 16 thousand units of blood and blood products (of all groups), in order to provide them for health the facilities in the Holy Hajj Sites. And it has prepared the Ministry's airstrips in line with the related specifications in following hospitals: Hiraa, Al-Noor, Arafat, and Mina Emergency Hospital. In addition, it has benefitted from the airstrips of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Arafat to transfer the critical cases; and it is applied for the first time at full-scale after it has been partially applied in the last year.

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