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Taif Health Affairs General Directorate Continues to Carry out the Seasonal Hajj Integrated Health Plan
18 October 2012
   The Ministry of Health, represented by Taif Health Affairs General Directorate, has harnessed 16 health facilities (8 hospitals and 8 health centers working around the clock) for serving pilgrims and addressing emergencies and accidents on the roads leading to the Health Sites.

The General Directorate has early embarked on the implementation of its seasonal integrated health plan dedicated for pilgrims on the roads leading to (and coming from) Makkah, as well as in Miqati Al-Sail and Wadi Mehrem. According to the plan, 8 health centers have been operated along Riyadh Road, in addition to 3 other health centers: Al-Otaif, Radwan and the Airport. On the South (al-janoob) Road, two centers will be operated; they are Qiya Health Center and Al-Serr Health Center. On Al-Sail Road there will be two centers (Al-Sail Al-Kabeer Health Center, and Miqat Qarn Al-Manazel Health Center). On al-Huda Road, Wadi Mehrem Sesonal health Center will be operated as well.

It is expected that these health centers will support the peripheral hospitals, which are: Tholm Hospital, Al-Moya Hospital, Al-Khurmah Hospital, Turbah Hospital, Raniah Hospital, al-Qurai'a Hospital, Misan Hospital and Al-Sahan Hospital, which have been supplied with all the necessary requirements (medical supplies and cadres) to be ready for receiving pilgrims.

Besides, Taif's inner hospitals have raised their capacity to address emergency cases, in addition to assigning emergency teams to move from one hospital to another, and other teams to work on peak days, and still other teams to work at alternative health centers. Big quantities of blood and blood products will be available at the Central Blood bank, as well as hospitals subsidiary blood banks, to address emergency cases.

It is worth mentioning that Taif Health Affairs General Directorate include 112 primary healthcare centers and 13 hospitals, out of which 8 hospitals are peripheral ones, located in the neighboring provinces. They are reckoned important hospitals in the provision of ambulatory and curative services for passengers along the roads linking Taif to other regions and provinces. The services of these hospitals cover over 400km in Raniah direction, and 300 km along Riyadh Road. 

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