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Minister of Health Launches the Second Batch of Home Medicine Vehicles
13 October 2012
   His Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah has affirmed that more than 20 thousand patients have benefitted from Home Medicine Program (Home Health Care), which the Ministry initiated three years ago, pointing out that the Program is achieving the goals set for it according to the Ministry's strategy and the program work mechanism. In addition, it has effectively contributed to reducing the pressure over the beds in hospitals, and the treatment of the patient within their family. He also mentioned that the Ministry has been interested, through such a program, in coping with the global development within this important frame; which is the service of patient in whatever place it is.
This has come in press statements, made by His Excellency the Minister today, after inaugurating the second batch fleet of the home medicine vehicles, amounting to 189 vehicles at the Ministry's headquarters in Riyadh.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah has promised the Home Medicine Program with quantum leap with regard to the Ministry's services, the service of the patient in their home, reducing their sufferings, and lessening pressures over hospitals. He has also confirmed that this fleet is to work on increasing the number of beneficiaries in the Kingdom's regions and governorates.
His Excellency has pointed out that the quality of the service provided in the Home Medicine Program will be positively reflected in the community segments' convince of this Program, which the Ministry works on supporting and developing it.
As far as the Director-General of the MOH's Home Health Care General Department, Dr. Nasser Al-Huzaim stated that the Program provides curative, preventive, nutritional, and aware, and social services for patients inside their homes through medical teams that have been prepared for that purpose.
Dr. Al-Huzaim has pointed out that over 169 hospitals provide home medicine services thus far through 246 medical teams; including all the medical and technical specialties. Each medical team is made up of a physician and a nurse, or a nurse and a technician, or physical therapist and a specialist, or therapeutic dietician, in addition to a social worker to help solve the patient's social problems.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Huzaim has pointed out that the number of vehicles secured for the second batch has reached 189 vehicles at a total value exceeding RS 22 million. Whereas the last year's first secured batch reached 80 vehicles, referring that the total number of vehicles has reached 269 vehicles.
He added that the patient has two files: one is in the hospital; and the other is in their home; it contains all the procedures which the patient goes through to refer to them. However, he has pointed out that the visits are paid to the patient daily or weekly and according to what the patient's health status requires. And he has confirmed the Ministry's quest to apply the program to its hospitals, referring that the most regions benefitted from the Program thus far are Riyadh, Assir, Madinah, and the Eastern Region.

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