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The Media Information Center Hosts Dr. Mona Al-Awad to Answer Audience's Questions
09 October 2012
   Dr. Mona Al-Awad, consultant gynecologist at King Saud Medical City (KSMC), advised the pregnant women with sickle cell anemia not to perform Hajj, because of congestion and exposure to the drought as a result of walking for a long time under the sun and exerting great physical effort which may lead to the deterioration of their health, during hosting her in Media Information and health awareness Center in ministry of Health to answer the questions of the public of (health of pilgrims is our mission) service provided by the general center for the eighth consecutive year.
Dr. Mona provided the women who desire to pilgrimage some advices. She asserted that the ideal way for the woman not to be exposed to menstruation during Hajj is to take Pills that prevent menstruation before going in advance and after consultation with the doctor.

Also, Dr. Mona provided the pregnant women who desire to pilgrimage some advices, an important one of which is visiting physician before traveling to take the necessary advices and guidance. She emphasized that the pregnant woman has to take her medication during Hajj and to be keen on taking Meningitis vaccination 10 days before going to Hajj, as it is not dangerous to her or her fetus, wear loose clothing, drink liquids frequently, and avoid congestion. 

Dr. Al-Awad pointed out that when a pregnant woman is exposed to some symptoms such as: severe headache, frequent vomiting, dizziness in the eye, or vaginal bleeding, she has to visit the nearest health center.

The consultant gynecologist received various questions concerning the problems women suffer from, on the Ministry of Health twitter account @saudimoh. She answered the questions directly. The most prominent question was about the ability of woman to complete the gestation period until the week 40 in case of suffering from diabetes. She answered that the woman with diabetes can complete the gestation period until the week 40 in case of the sugar in blood is regular, otherwise it is recommended to give birth in week 38-39 to protect fetus – Allah willing – if the sugar in blood is irregular.

She was asked if there is a medical treatment for air of wombs and many questions about reasons of the descent of the placenta. Dr. Mona answered that the treatment for air of womb can be done by practicing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. As for the reasons of the descent of the placenta can be: a wound in the wall of the womb as a result of a caesarean, previous injuries, fibroma, or congenital defect in the womb, the age of woman especially if she is older than 35 years old, repeated births, the descent of the placenta from a previous pregnancy, or the large size of the placenta.

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