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Heraa General Hospital Organizes the Annual Hajj Symposium for Nursing
08 October 2012
   Hira General Hospital is organizing the Annual Hajj Symposium for Nursing (1433H), in the Holy City (Makkah). It will last for two days, from October 8th to October 9th, 2012, at the Training and Education Center of the Hospital.
The Director of Hira General Hospital, Dr. Waleed bin Abdulhalim Mohammed Hussein, pointed out that the goal of holding such a symposium is to provide the medical and technical cadres in all specialties with all the medical information based upon the modern scientific developments, and to prepare them for the Hajj season; to present excellent healthcare services to Hajj pilgrims.
For her part, the Supervisor of Health Education, Ms. Seham Mohammed Ameen, pointed out that a constellation of consultants in all medical specialties are going to participate in this symposium to discuss the modern medical developments with regard to the treatment of accident injuries, critical cases, chronic diseases, communicable and infectious diseases frequently associated with the Hajj season. In addition to this, they are to discuss the global objectives for the patients' safety, and how to prepare for disasters at all levels. It is worth mentioning that 13 lecturers of experts on all medical specialties are going to participate in such a symposium, which was approved by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) by 13 hours of continuing medical education.

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