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MOH Issues a Media Report on 1433-Hajj Services
02 October 2012
   The Ministry of Health (MOH) has completed all the procedures and preparations to guarantee the safety of pilgrimage (Hajj) and pilgrims, and to present all the services to the pilgrims (preventive, curative, and ambulatory); all at the highest levels. This is through several health facilities spread in the Kingdom's regions, starting with the main portals of the Kingdom through the Hajj areas down to the Holy Sites and Medina, which were prepared and supported with all its needs at the various preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, ambulatory, and awareness-associated levels, in addition to the supervision and media aspects.
As far as the awareness and media efforts are concerned, the Ministry has released a comprehensive report shedding light on these various preparations, services, and equipment for the Hajj season.
Furthermore, the report touches upon the labor force participating in carrying out the Ministry's plan during the Hajj season, visiting labor force within the Kingdom, scouts' participation in the Hajj season, voluntary work encouragement, and curative and preventive services presented by the Ministry for pilgrims; as well as ambulatory and emergency services, field medicine services, medical supply. Also, the role played by the laboratories and blood banks in the Hajj season and medical convoys is highlighted, in addition to several other services.
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