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1610 MOH Employees Upgraded (to the Grades from 2nd to 5th)
30 September 2012
   Pursuant to a ministerial resolution, 1610 MOH employees of both genders have been upgraded to the grades from second to fifth.
The Director-General of MOH Personnel Affairs, Mohamed bin Abdulmohsen Al-Mowis, pointed out that, in compliance with the Ministry's promotion record, stipulating the promotion of 1610 employees to the grades from 2nd to 5th, given the fact that they have been completed the prescribed duration of work, and have met the conditions of the positions to which they are promoted, and pursuant to Article 10 of the Civil Service System, a decision have been taken to promote the aforementioned employees.
Another resolution stipulated giving the additional allowance to 1441 of the recently promoted employees, under Article 18/B, and the regulation set forth in Paragraph B of Article 3 of the Financial Rights and Benefits Regulation.
The resolution reiterated that each of the promoted employees has to assume the tasks assigned to the position to which they are promoted, actually and permanently, pursuant to Paragraph E of Article 1 of the Promotion Regulation, as of the issuance of the resolution (26/9/2012).
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Last Update : 02 October 2012 11:34 AM
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