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Yemeni Minister of Health: "The Conference Paves the Way to Defeating Non-communicable Diseases"
10 September 2012
   His Excellency the Yemeni Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed bin Qassem Al-Ansi, was said, “The Global Conference on Healthy Lifestyles and Non-Communicable Diseases in the Arab World and Middle East, currently held in Riyadh, will give rise to the health system in the entire region, as it consolidates and intensifies efforts paving the way to defeating non-communicable diseases, and developing a unified strategy adopting a certain plan of action.”
“The high incidence of non-communicable diseases could be attributed to some social habits and traditions in Yemen, which, alas, affect the Yemeni health situation,” Dr. Al-Ansi added.
He pointed out that Yemen did not participate in the preparation of the conference's worksheet or recommendations due to the lack of precise health information or statistics, in the light of current challenges in Yemen. Meanwhile, he affirmed that Yemen's participation, over the years to come, will witness a momentous health paradigm shift.
He mentioned, also, that Yemen asked the donor countries to deliver all the medical aids provided for Yemen to the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH), which will, in turn, provide health services for the Yemenis in accordance with their conditions.
Concluding his statement, His Excellency the Yemeni Minister of Health, Dr. Ahemd Al-Ansi, revealed that the Yemeni Ministry of Health is cooperating with its Saudi counterpart in the field of training. “The Saudi MOH is already making big efforts in Yemen, in an effort to overcome malaria, measles, and some other epidemics, in addition to a program meant to treat some serious diseases,” Al-Ansi concluded.

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