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Dr. Al-Rabeeah Meets with Patients Hospitalized in Dammam Medical Complex and Al-Qatif Hospital
16 June 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, met with a number of the patients hospitalized at Dammam Medical Complex and Al-Qatif Hospital, and listened to their demands and complaints, and promised to solve all the problems facing them. He also listened to their proposals and requests, and promised them to exert greater effort seeking to put into effect the MOH's slogan: “Patient First!”, which takes the patient as both the starting point and the ultimate objective.
He also got reassured about the health status of the children hospitalized at the Complex, and took photos with them, in an attempt to alleviate their suffering. This took place during the inspection tour made by the His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Al-Rabeeah, to Dammam Medical Complex and Al-Qatif Hospital, after launching “My Happiness Program” meant to share the family their happiness with the new baby, and raise mothers' food awareness. The program has been organized within the framework of the MOH's recently introduced programs. Besides, he checked out the workflow of a number of medical sections. He met, also, with a number of the members of Al-Qatif Municipal Council, with whom he discussed the healthcare services provided for the citizens and residents of this region.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah, for his part, pointed out that Dammam and Al-Qatif, just like all the Kingdom's regions, are witnessing great developmental leaps forward in the field of healthcare. “We'll be reaping the rewards of such leaps soon,” Al-Rabeeah said. “The Ministry is currently working on thousands of health projects distributed throughout the Kingdom.” Then, he talked about some of the health projects (hospitals, health centers, and specialized centers), and promised to take the right action.
Concluding his tour, Dr. Al-Rabeeah paid a visit to Prince Mohammed bin Fahad Hospital, where he met the contractor, and encouraged him to complete the hospital quickly, seeking to provide best-quality health services for the region's citizens.

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