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Online Registration for those Willing to Apply to MOH Jobs
05 June 2012
   The Health Services for Hajj and Umrah General Department has announced that the online registration is open for those willing to apply to MOH Jobs in a certain number of medical specialties, to work at this year's Hajj season (1433 H).The Director-General of Health Services for Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Taha Al-Khateeb, pointed out that this action comes within the framework of the MOH's early preparation for the upcoming Hajj season, by attracting the visiting workforce to be involved in the provision of health services for Hajj pilgrims (the guests of Allah). To that end, he explained, the Department has introduced the online registration system to the website of the visiting workforce during Hajj.
Dr. Al-Khateeb went on to say, “The demanded medical specialties include intensive care physicians (consultants / specialists), emergency physicians (consultants / specialists), interventional cardiology (consultants / specialists), ICU and emergency nursing (specialists / technicians), cardiac catheterization (specialists / technicians), and respiratory therapy (specialists / technicians).”
Then, he further expounded, “In order to be hired by the MOH, applicants will have to submit a brief CV, along with a valid SCHS categorization certificate, and personal identification (for Saudis: a photo-copy of the ID card; for non-Saudis: a photo-copy of the residence permit), as well as the applicants' contact information (mobile number, e-mail address, etc.)”
Dr. Taha Al-Khateeb, concluded by stating that the applicants' required information shall be received at the e-mail address of the Health Services for Hajj and Umrah General Department ( For more information and inquiries, please contact the departments at the following contact information (Tel: 2919811 – Ext: 109/ 100 – Fax: 2919004).

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