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Dr. Al-Mazrou: MOH to Establish 129 New Medical Warehouses throughout the Kingdom's Regions
05 June 2012
   The Deputy Ministry of Health for Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs, Dr. Salah bin Fahad Al-Mazrou, stated that the Ministry is to establish 129 new medical warehouses in the different regions of the Kingdom.
He added that the medical supply infrastructure was reviewed, and working on establishing these medical warehouses is underway. It is projected to serve the hospitals located in peripheral regions, as well as all other regions. Moreover, Dr. Al-Mazrou noted that these warehouses have been established according to the highest technical specifications, laid down by the Food and Drug Authority, seeking to cope with the new drugs which were added to new Drug Formulary.
Dr. Al-Mazrou continued, “These warehouses will be provided with modern technology, as manifested in the electronic audit system, as well as air conditioning, refrigeration and forklifts. Furthermore, it will be linked to computers to control the inventory. This will help reduce the waste and control the inventory. This method contributes to reduce the close-to-expiry drugs, control the surplus, and enhance the precision of drug process, which in turn will be reflected on the good planning for drugs and medical supplies in the future.”
Dr. Al-Mazrou added that such a step comes in line with the Royal Directions to develop the level of health services, and provide health care for those who need it, pointing out that these warehouses were preceded by launching the MOH Drug Formulary on the MOH Portal. It was launched by His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah.
Dr. Al-Mazrou confirmed, besides, that he gave the regions specialized in certain drugs and cannot be ordered in other regions, the power to directly purchase these drugs. He also added that depending on the newly added drugs, health practitioners can cater for the treatment of all diseases which greatly require to introduce new valid and effective drugs, after conducting the necessary audit and make sure that they are registered and available. Such drugs could have no appropriate alternative.
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a drug formulary including all the drugs which were registered at the Ministry, and which could be referred to by pharmacists or physicians whenever they need any drug. Also, the Ministry held a meeting with the Drug Audit Committee, with the aim to update the formulary and add a large number of new drugs, as well as deleting some old and obsolete drugs, to make it easier for any health practitioner (physicians, pharmacists, etc.) to know what drugs are available at MOH warehouses.

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