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Tenure of 8846 MOH Employees throughout the Kingdom
03 June 2012
   In conformity to the Royal Decree No. 1895/MB, dated 26/2/2011, stipulating the tenure of those enrolled on the employees list, the item of wages and lump sum salary package, the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a decision to apply tenure to all health workers at the Ministry and health directorates throughout the Kingdom covered by the Royal Decree (8846 employees of both genders), in accordance with their respective degrees, based on the recommendations put forward by the Tenure Committee formed by the Ministry of Civil Service (MCS).
The decision stipulated the tenure of the above-mentioned employees to their respective positions as of the tenure date, after ascertaining that they haven't reached the retirement age, and that there aren't any impediments to the enactment of the decision. In order to be tenured, also, employees have to undergo medical examination to ensure their health fitness to assume their posts. Besides, those enrolled at the list of health posts will have to submit their professional classifications and valid professional registration cards issued by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS). They will have also to attend a training course in their respective specialties for three months. The start-date of the training course will be reckoned the date of commencement of work. That's to be added to the tenure of those who have been working under the Item 105, and other items, on the first level of their degrees, except for those determined to have certain levels at the data-sheets enclosed with the decision, in concordance with the recommendations put forward by the Tenure Committee, since they don't have previous professional records at the Personnel Affairs System.
All employees have to embark on their new posts at their places, effectively and continuously. They are not allowed to demand transfer until after a year of work, according to decision issued by the Council of Civil Service no. 1/885, dated 3/2/1999. Employees' registration at their former posts is ended as of the date of their tenure at new posts. Based on Article 10/27 of the Executive Regulation of the Civil Service Code, they will not receive appointment allowance, except for those who have been working under the item 105, and other items. The previous posts of those who had been formerly tenured will be ended as of embarking the new post. As for the employees appointed under the Item 105, and other items, the Budget Department will be notified to deduct their allocations from the budget, and the competent authority at each directorate will have to complete the necessary occupational information (date of birth, qualification, etc.).
The decision, besides, called upon all MOH directorates to submit the names and information of all those unwilling to embark on their new posts at their places, so as to cancel their tenure decisions, within up to 15 days from the issuance of the decision. These names and information have to be enclosed along with a handwritten admittance of waiver of tenure. The Ministry has also given directions to all directorates to assign employees to register the commencement of the newly tenured employees, and ensure the validity of their credentials of tenure (a photo-copy of the tenure decision, a photo-copy of the commencement, an employment application form, a photo-copy of the National ID, a photo-copy of the medical report, and a photo-copy of the qualification), and then uploading these credentials to the MOH Portal, after coordinating with the Director of MOH Employment to be granted the power of access to the portal and uploading the aforementioned files.

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