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Dr Al Zawawi Warns against Dealing with Casual Health Practitioners
16 May 2012
The Assistant Deputy Minister for Private Health Sector Affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Zawawi has warned against dealing with casual health practitioners who practice medicine illegally at home, or at unlicensed places.
He said, “Such practitioners have not got any certified scientific qualifications, and are not licensed to practice health professions. It is crucially important to avoid dealing with them, to evade the disastrous outcomes that might come up as a result of arbitrary, unscientific practices. Unlicensed health practitioners pose imminent danger to your life.”
“The Ministry of Health (MOH) has recently observed the prevalence of this phenomenon, as manifested in the advertisements and publicity of such practices, through SMSs, social networks, online forums and websites,” Dr. Al-Zawawi added. “Alas, these advertisements receive a favourable response from the audience.”
Dr. Al-Zawawi emphasized that the Ministry of Health, proceeding from its responsibility for raising people's awareness in pursuit of realizing public interest, is keen to warn all citizens against dealing with such practitioners and their advertisements. Furthermore, he called upon citizens to denounce any such violations, either committed by individuals or institutions, by using the Citizen Voice System on the MOH Portal (, or by Fax (01/2124196). In conclusion, he called upon all people to proceed on cooperation with the Ministry seeking to preserve the health and well-being of all Saudi citizens and residents.

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