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Minister of Health Visits the Project of King Fahd Specialist Hospital and Urges for Quick Implementation
04 April 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, directed the executive contractor for the project of King Fahd Specialist Hospital, Tabuk, to the importance of adhering to the project implementation timetable, working on the speed of delivery and focusing on quality during the implementation phases with doubling the effort.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah, during an inspective visit to the hospital on Tuesday's afternoon, has examined the achievement phases in the hospital's main building, outpatient building, kidneys building and housing building. His Excellency explained that the percentage of achievement in the hospital reached 90% and work is underway to secure the medical equipment before the completion of the project. "King Fahd Specialist Hospital has a capacity of (500) beds and, along a dental center and a diabetes center, is one of the ongoing project son the land of the Medical City in Tabuk," his Excellency added.
His Excellency asserted the necessity to expedite the project implementation to carry out the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, who was keen to implement these projects, especially in the health field as soon as possible. As all regions and governorates of the Kingdom, Tabuk region, he pointed out, boasts a plethora of health projects that fall within the strategy of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to provide comprehensive and integrated care. Tabuk region has got various health projects, including hospitals, health centers, a regional laboratory, etc that all governorates in the region. The medical city, which includes the project of King Fahd Specialist Hospital, is one of the most significant of these projects.
Pointing to the existence of barriers and the failure of some projects, his Excellency said that the ministry is keen to apply the standards of quality, diversity and perfection. The MOH, however, considers these challenges trying to find and develop the appropriate solutions according to regulations and instructions".
"We reap the fruits of the MOH projects and race against time. We put the foundation stone or launch project every one or two weeks," he added.
His Excellency mentioned that these projects also include the construction of a maternity and children hospital with a 200-bed capacity at a cost of 409,170,000 SR, a 200-bed mental health hospital at a cost of 200,000,000 SR, a regional laboratory, a blood bank and a poison center at a cost of 60,000,000 SR ,four central warehouses at a cost of 16,000,000 SR, in addition to housing building for workers in hospitals such as King Fahd, Taymaa,Umluj and Duba at a cost of 230,000,000SR.
It's mentioned that the region has a number of health projects that are - currently –underway and include: the construction of King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Tabuk with a 500-bed capacity at a cost of 305,000,000 SR, Taymaa Hospital with a 100-bed capacity at a cost of 85,000,000 SR, Umluj Hospital with a100-bed capacity at a cost of 117,000,000 SR, Duba Hospital with a 100-bed capacity at a cost of 117,000,000 SR, four health centers within the phase(420) at a cost of 14,000,000 SR, three  health centers within the phase(440) at a cost of 105,000,000 SR, eleven health centers within the phase(385) at a cost of 45,500,000 SR, Diabetes Center at King Khalid Hospital at a cost of 7.500.000 SR, Tabuk Dental Center at a cost of 15,000,000 SR, along with the construction of housing building for the workers of Al Wajh Hospital at a cost of 40,000,000 SR.
His Excellency was accompanied during the visit by a number of the ministry leaders and health affairs officials of Tabuk Region.

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