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MOH Denies the Allegations of Blood Shortage in the Kingdom's Blood Banks The Ministry of Health (MOH) has denied what ap
20 February 2012
    The Ministry of Health (MOH) has denied what appeared in the newspapers and news sites, claiming that there is a shortage on blood in the Kingdom's blood banks. It was made clear that such allegations are inaccurate, as they are not based on the data and statistics relevant to blood transfer services. There are 152 blood banks under the MOH Sector, including 15 central blood bands, 17 main banks and 120 subsidiary banks, covering all the Kingdom's regions and provinces. These blood banks provide all the necessary requirements of blood and blood products, in accordance with the universally settled standards in this regard. Meanwhile, all the precautions are well taken into consideration, so as to ensure the safety of blood and blood transfer process.
The Ministry further pointed out that blood units are abundantly available according to the universally recognized standards, and are completely proportional with the number of beds at hospitals, as well as the population census. To date, 20/2/2012, there are 9000 blood units in blood banks, in addition to an adequate number of frozen fresh plasma units, as well as platelets and cryoprecipitate.
In its announcement, MOH also affirmed that all the units of blood and blood units are obtained from Saudi blood-donors (citizens and residents), as it does not import blood from abroad, in compliance with the Royal Decree stipulating the cessation of blood import from abroad since 1405H.
As for the rare blood types, the Ministry of Health, seeking to provide such blood types, has given its directives to all blood banks in the Kingdom's regions and provinces to develop a mechanism meant to regularly provide these blood types by making a list of voluntary blood donors with rare blood types, so as to be summoned for blood donation when necessity be. Underway, also, is fruitful cooperation with a number of security sectors with the aim to attar blood donors in cases of blood shortage during crises.
In conclusion, MOH emphasized that blood banks are capable of providing any quantity and type of blood at present. Furthermore, it has developed a blood stockpile plan and an emergency plan. An example of such efforts is the provision of blood and blood products by the Kingdom through an annual plan, in which all health sectors participate, with the aim to provide blood during Hajj season for pilgrims. This plan has been applied since 1405H. During the last Hajj Season, for instance, over 14.000 units of blood and blood products were provided.

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