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Women's Affairs Department Organizes a Training Course on “Shift from Paper to Electronic Transactions”
20 February 2012
   Under the theme: “Shift from Paper to Electronic Transactions”, the Women's Department, under the MOH Financial and Administrative Affairs General Department, has organized a training course in cooperation with the Training and Scholarships General Department. The course was held at the department's headquarters and was attended by 25 female employees. It was given by the Head of Administrative Development, Mrs. Amnah Al-Dakheel, for the purpose of raising awareness among female employees with regard to the importance of the shift from paper to electronic transactions, in preparation for the application of e-governance.
For her part, the Supervisor-General of Women's Affairs, Mrs. Modi Almas, pointed out that the women component at the Ministry receives unstinting support and encouragement from the MOH officials, in pursuit of the development of the human resources of the Ministry. “In this spirit, this three-day training course was organized, and will be again and again until it covers all the MOH's employees,” she said.
 “Among the pivotal objectives included by the Women's Affairs Department in its 1433H-plan,” Dr. Almas added, “is to adopt gradual shift from the traditional to electronic administrative transactions.”
It is worth mentioning in this respect that the MOH Women's Affairs Department has been established under a ministerial decree issued in 1425H. It is basically intended to improve the performance of women's sections in the department, as well as helping them assume their responsibilities, providing assistant services and finding proper solutions for all their problems.

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