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MOH Issues a Decree to Close down a Domestic Cosmetic Surgery Center in Riyadh
18 February 2012
   The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that, in quest of the improvement of health services and compliance with quality standards, and proceeding from its responsibility of preserving patients' health and safety, and in continuation of its inspection tours and follow-up of private health institutions, the Ministry issue a decree to close a domestic cosmetic surgery center, comprised of a complex of clinics in Riyadh. Based on this precautionary closure decree, the center, along with the day surgery section annexed to it, will be suspended.
It was made clear in the decree that the Medical Licensing Department in Riyadh Region has conducted an inspection tour through the aforementioned center, located in north Riyadh. It was found violating the work system set forth in the Private Health Institutions Regulation, including the unlawful recruitment of civil servants. Besides, it was proven that the center is completely accountable for the low level of its medical services, leading up to the death of a patient woman as a result of liposuction surgery conducted by the center. Subsequently, the Medical Licensing Department decided to refer the case to the competent authority under the Legitimate Health Authority to make the proper judgment, in accordance with the Private Health Institutions Regulation and the Health Professions Practice Act.
The Ministry has affirmed that it would take the proper actions, including precautionary closure, towards any health institution proven to be non-compliant with the health quality standards, for the purpose of obliging such institutions to improve their quality and make the required amendments in accordance with the regulations in operation.
Concluding its statement, the Ministry of Health pointed out that it regards the private health sector as a strategic partner, effective in the ongoing health development process. Meanwhile, it is hoped that such institutions adhere to the generally accepted scientific quality standards, so as to provide safe and high-quality services for beneficiaries, thereby meeting the Ministry's responsibilities and aspirations. In this way, the health services provided for patients will be ascertained to be of highest security and best quality, thus making patients the focal point around which all health efforts revolve, and bringing into force the MOH slogan: “Patient First”.

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