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MOH's Pavilion in Janadriyah Festival Is Heavily Attended
11 February 2012
     The Ministry of Health (MOH) provides a number of medical services for the visitors of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadriyah 27). These services include the medical examination of obesity, diabetes, blood-pressure, as well as renal examination, blood donation services, anti-smoking programs, and early detection of cancerous tumors. These services are offered through the MOH's specialized clinics in Janadriyah.
The Ministry has prepared a large pavilion (tent), divided into 20 sections covering a variety of medical disciplines. It is worth mentioning that the MOH's participation in this year's festival covers both preventive, curative and awareness services, through a number of primary health programs, aside from a wide range of the activities relevant to health awareness on several epidemic diseases, and the ways to avoid them.
The Kidney Donation Section was heavily attended by numerous visitors. They were given leaflets and brochures explaining renal dialysis (also known as: hemodialysis), and how to conduct the examination of kidney functions, in addition to introducing them with the advanced ways of kidney transplantation, kinds of kidney donors, and donation conditions. These leaflets and brochures, in addition, shed light on the rudimentary preparations of kidney transplantation, and the necessary preparations for kidney transplantation surgeries, as well as the surgery duration and possibility of survival after undergoing a kidney transplantation surgery. They also give account of the potential complications and the medications to be taken by patients after kidney transplantation surgeries, and how to restore the natural pursuit of life after the surgery, through a number of awareness programs concerning dental care, healthy regime, exercising, marital cohabitation, pregnancy, tobacco-use and travelling.
The Nutrition Section, for its part, has witnessed record attendance as well. Visitors of this section are provided health awareness services by nutrition specialists, who explained obesity: its reasons, complications, risks and ways of prevention. They also provided nutritional tips and recommendations, with regard to daily meals (breakfast, dinner and supper), and highlighted the awareness programs to be followed in such cases.
Aside from that, nutritional specialists measure visitors' height and weight, and provide them with the awareness information appropriate with each case, depending on the result of the primary examination. They also figure out the proper diet for each case, and the problems that might come up in case of neglecting such a diet the helps lose weight.
Visitors of the MOH's Pavilion were impressed by what they saw, and very much treasured the colossal efforts exerted by the Ministry, as manifested in the equipment provided in the various sections of the pavilion (for example, blood pressure measuring devices, glucose meters and height and weight measuring devices), as well as the awareness brochures and leaflets. The Ministry was also acclaimed for providing specialists to answer visitors' questions and inquiries, which were basically centered upon how to avoid and treat diseases, and how to exercise properly. Other inquiries had to do with specific diseases. Most visitors showed keen interest in the tips and recommendations given by specialists.
It should be noted that the MOH's Pavilion in Janadriyah is meant to review the development of health services over an extensive period of time, and in various historical stages. The Pavilion, in addition, seeks to raise the visitors' health awareness through the accompanying activities and events.

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