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GCC Health Ministers Sign Muscat Declaration Centered on the NCD Economics
07 January 2012
   Their Excellencies the Health Ministers taking part in the 72nd GCC Health Ministers Council have adopted Muscat Declaration, centered on the non-communicable diseases (NCD) economics, to be a regional and international declaration underscoring the importance of economy of such diseases. The declaration puts forward a number of crucial terms and procedures, including calling for the establishment of a global reference point (a commission, an organization, an administrative unit, or the like) for non-communicable diseases, to be established under the umbrella of the United Nations, along with the countries represented in the General Assembly, and in cooperation with the international organizations; including the GCC Health Ministers Councils, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the International Health Economics Association (IHEA), the NCD Global Alliance, in addition to the other interested organizations.
However, it is important for any authority involved to have regional offices responsible for the preparation of a database on the status quo of the NCD economics, in addition organizing training and rehabilitation programs meant to build the national capacities at all the levels of health economics, especially NCD economics. That is to be added to developing the policies that enhance the healthcare methodology and overcome the risk factors of such diseases, as well as forming an international network aiming to reinforce the awareness of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and make known of the results of the international researches and activities conducted in the field of health economics, especially NCD economics, aside from collecting and publishing the successful experience in this domain.
The ministers have also called upon the countries to embark on the implementation of their national programs concerning the NCD economics. Such programs require the formation of a group of specialists in the field of health economics, and the education of health care staff (and the whole society) on the topics revolving NCD economics, as well as publishing and broadcasting the necessary information on NCDs through the various mass media, with the aim to promote people's awareness in this respect.
Meanwhile, Their Excellencies the GCC Ministers of Health have stressed the pivotal importance of the activation of the national plans and programs meant to combat and control NCDs, as well as prioritizing these programs and calling upon countries to inform decision makers of all that is related to NCDs, so as to promote awareness and facilitate the introduction of the relevant policies and legislations. Besides, the ministers prompted the governments to further intensify the current national expenditure on the treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases, such that keeps up with the international standard incidence of these diseases in each country. This step is expected to prove very efficient with respect to expenditures, as it will, in the long-run, save much expenditure, by reducing the incidence of these diseases and the hazardous complications related with (or resulting from) them.
Hence, the ministers have called upon governments to make every effort to reduce the incidence of NCDs by 5% in the course of 10 years (2012 – 2021). They also called for an annual meeting to exchange experiences and attain the best and most successful practices, as well as reviewing the successes accomplished as regards the NCD economics. The ministers, in conclusion, asked the Director-General of the Executive Office of the GCC Health Ministers Council to draw the attention of the member countries, the involved international organizations, as well as the United Nations, the European Union and the Arab League to this declaration.

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