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Minister of Health Issues a Decision to Form the MOH Hajj Preparatory Committees
18 January 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has issued a decision to form the MOH Hajj Preparatory Committees. The decision stipulated designating the Undersecretary for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammed Hamza Kheshaim, a chairman of the committees, which will include in their membership a number of undersecretaries and directors-general.
This decision has been made within the framework of the Ministry's early preparation for this year's Hajj Season (1433H), and depending on what is required for the interest of work, including the assignment of tasks and phases, and the designation of the chairpersons of sectors and committees, within the context of the preparation, implementation, follow-up and field supervision of the health services to be provided during 1433-Hajj season, in coordination with the central departments, at the MOH Headquarters, as well as Makkah and Medinah regions.
The decision stipulated the division of labor, with regard to preparation, planning and supervision, into three major phases, under the chairmanship of His Excellency the Minister of Health. The Hajj Preparatory Committees are headed by the Undersecretary for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammed Hamza Kheshaim, and include in their membership the chairpersons of the central committees, at the MOH Headquarters; namely, the Advisor to the Minister, the Supervisor-General of Control and Internal Auditing and Chairman of the Manpower, Financial Affairs, Follow-up and Inventory Committee. The Hajj Preparatory Committees include in their membership, besides, the Assistant Deputy Minister for Preventive Medicine, Chairman of the Preventive Medicine and Infection Control during Hajj Committee, the Advisor to the Minister, Supervisor-General of the Information Technology and Chairman of Information Technology and Statistics during Hajj Committee, the Advisor to the Minister, Supervisor-General of Medical Supply Department and Equipment Department and Chairman of the Medical Assistance Committee (medical supply, equipment and laboratories), the Director-General of Hospitals and Chairman of the Technical Supervision during Hajj Committee (hospitals, health centers and nursing), the Supervisor-General of Projects and Engineering Affairs and Chairman of the Projects Committee, the Director-General of Health Media and Communications and Chairman of Media and Health Awareness during Hajj Committee, and the Director-General of Emergency and Chairman of the Emergency and Field Medicine during Hajj Committee, in addition to the Directors of Health Affairs in Makkah and Madinah.
The decision, in addition, states that the Health Services for Hajj and Umrah General Department will have to undertake the tasks assigned to it, including the provision of all the public services during the Hajj season, and the preparation of Visiting Workforce Program for those involved in the Hajj season, as well as attracting the visiting workforce to participate in the Hajj season and coordinating with the competent authorities and health affairs representatives in following up the progress of the health services provided during Hajj, in their respective areas of specialization. This process will be phased into the preparation phase, planned to start as of the date of issuance of the decision, on 16/2/1433H, corresponding to 10/1/2012. During this phase, it is planned to review the work procedures and Hajj health plans, as well as identifying the medical requirements for the 1433-Hajj season. Then comes the phase of implementation and follow-up, scheduled to begin in mid-Jumada II (May 2012), whereupon the health plans are adopted, and the different Hajj health programs are implemented and monitored. The following phase is that of field supervision, scheduled to begin lunar month of Dhul Qadah (17/9/2012). During this phase, it is planned to perform these tasks: designating the MOH officers assigned to undertake field missions in the Hajj health plan, and required to be in the Holy Places, in addition to embarking on inspection tours throughout the Holy Places, and reviewing the Hajj health plans and adopting variations introduced to them.
Furthermore, the decision stipulated the assignment of the health committees and health affairs in Makkah and Madinah regions to submit all the plans, programs, projects, requirements and equipments (medical and non-medical) necessary for Hajj and Umrah seasons to the Health Services for Hajj and Umrah General Department, so as to be studied, as well as taking the necessary action for requirements to be fulfilled, in coordination with the relevant authorities and committees. Also, the decision obligates each of the Health Affairs Directorates of Makkah and Madinah regions to form a “Hajj Executive Committee”, under the chairmanship of the Director-General of Health Affairs in both regions, including in its membership the chairpersons of the relevant local committees, parallel to those formed by the Hajj Preparatory Committee, along with relating each of the executive committees with the parallel MOH committee, with regard to the Hajj preparations.

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