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Minister of Health Meets Health Graduates Wishing to Be Employed in Various Health Facilities
14 September 2011
   The Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah meets Tuesday in the Ministry headquarters with a number of graduates of health institutes and colleges who wish to be employed in the various health facilities.
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Al Rabeeah, pointed out that the Ministry of Health provides approximately 60% of health services in the Kingdom and the rest services are provided by different health sectors including the private sector, which is part of Saudi's National Health Service. He stressed that is an integrated health system and the work in this system would be in the interests of the country.
The Minister said that when the health professional posts are available, these graduates are the ones who must be recruited, referring to the Saudis, male and female, are occupying more than 60.000 of health professions and allied health professions, including the employment of 14.772 Saudis during the past two years.
Dr. Al Rabeeah added, from the desire of the Ministry to qualify these graduates and raise their efficiency it sought to create developmental programs for them to develop their abilities as appropriate to the needs of the labor market and the rapid developments in the health field, through the Ministry of Higher Education according to the Royal Decree.
The Minister added, following approval the royal decree on the detailed plan and the timetable which includes the immediate short-term solutions and future solutions to address the increasing numbers of graduates qualified to teach and holders of health diplomas according to the regulations; the Ministry is seeking to make the best use of these health workforce. The Ministry also aims to develop health education outcomes commensurate with the quality and safety of health care provided to citizens, and work to overcome the difficulties they face in coordination with other concerned bodies, noting with interest and keenness of the leadership on the appointment of health practitioners.
He added, my sons, I would like to explain to you that the Ministry of Health has recruited all of citizens in the lists according to the available posts,  and there is also a constant coordination with the Ministry of Civil Service to occupy its vacant jobs (men and women) or jobs that may be vacant throughout the year, stressing that the ministry will have an immediate appointment for both have been or will be nominated by the Ministry of Civil Service according to the royal decree and the prescribed percentage (4000 positions).
The Minister promised to investigate graduates' complaints from the private sector officials who were dealing with them. The graduates described it as digestion of their rights and lack of respect for their humanitarian profession, noting that the issue would be discussed extensively with the Ministry of Labour and Chambers of Commerce and Industry to find the most effective ways to take advantage of their qualifications in support of the private health sector, which constitutes 20% of health service providers in the Kingdom, by following the ways to ensure that their rights and preserve their dignity.
About the employment of foreign staff, the Director-General of Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Saad Al-Hujaili explained that the Ministry of Health has been sending its needs of these positions to the Ministry of Civil Service which recommends to contract with foreign staff. Any job occupied by a non-Saudi is considered vacant and the Saudis will be hired to do these jobs as soon as the availability of qualified to fill them, he added.

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