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Minister of Health Stresses Improving Performance and Raising Production Efficiency
11 September 2011
   Ministry of Health Official Spokesman pointed out that His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah has stressed improving performance and raising production efficiency allover MOH’s several facilities. This reflects the Ministry's full dedication to commit to and comply with all relevant regulations, policies and procedures of control and internal auditing, he said. Such a dedication will contribute in promoting and supporting implementation of the Ministry’s objectives and values relating to transparency, integrity and confidentiality, added MOH Spokesman.
While the 4th meeting held yesterday for Executive Board at the Minister's office, Dr. Al Rabeeah addressed the Ministry’s Senior Officials confirming that scientific methodologies and approach of work that are based on audit, scrutiny, precision and self-criticism will undoubtedly contribute in effectively promoting and achieving security and safety of all works to finally achieve patients' satisfaction. "We are proud of seeking to reach patients' satisfaction and serve our Nation", said the Minister during the meeting.
Moreover, a wide set of issues were discussed during the meeting where Dr. Al Rabeeah and all attending Officials were briefed by the General Supervisor of Control and Internal Auditing and Follow up Department’s with a detailed report about the last period’s accomplishments. The report illustrated such accomplishments including field visits, in addition to examining and reviewing all contracts, financial operations and administrative procedures.
The Minister then stressed on the role played by the Ministry’s Control and Internal Auditing and Follow up Departments and Health Affairs Directorates to efficiently and effectively activate internal control systems, especially after the being restructured and directly linked to the leadership of the Ministry.
In addition, MOH’s official spokesman said that the meeting reviewed the criteria and mechanisms of physicians and health practitioners who participate and attend scientific conferences, seminars and practical workshops.  It also pointed out that such a participation depends mainly on productivity & performance excellence of the practitioners. This will promote the public interest by improving and developing performance and refining interpersonal skills to serve patients, the meeting concluded.
Furthermore, the Ministry’s Executive Board members discussed the central role of Assistant Agency for Preventive Medicine in monitoring implementation of the strategy against diabetes and non-communicable diseases in collaboration with the executive departments at hospitals and primary healthcare centers. they also emphasized necessity to redouble efforts for strengthening the preventive and educational role against such diseases.
The meeting has also discussed a number of issues on the agenda, where many decisions were relevantly made. The Minister ended his speech asking MOH senior officials to emphasize more on delivering the Ministry’s message and culture, where all MOH staff and subordinates must be dedicated to serve and seek the patient’s safety, security and satisfaction. In addition, MOH approach should be sincerity, transparency and integrity, he said.
It is worth mentioning that the Executive Board of the Ministry is headed by the Minister of Health.  The Board’s members include Deputies, Advisors, and General Directors, in addition to related specialized Committees and the Executive Board of each Health Affair Directorate, who all aim to establish the scientific institutional work applied by the Ministry.

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