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Media Information Center Provides its Services via Toll-Free Phone for the 7th Year in a Row
19 October 2011

​For the 7th consecutive year, the Media Information and Health Awareness Center, under the Media, Relations and Health Awareness General Department, provides the service dubbed: (Pilgrims' Health is Our Concern), via the toll-free number: 8002494444. The Center will be making interview, on a daily basis, with many senior specialists in various specialties.

Also, The Center shall respond to all the incoming calls to answer the inquiries and questions stirring in the minds of the citizens and residents wishing to perform Hajj this year. Specialists will respond to inquiries made by pilgrims during Hajj as well. The service provides information on health requirements to be met by pilgrims, as well as instructional information to be followed during Hajj. The onset of the program will be on Saturday, 24/11/1432H, which falls on 22/10/2011, with a two-hour interview (from 1 to 3pm) with Dr. Munirah Ba-Ragaa, consultant of family and society medicine at the National Guard Hospital.

Continuing to provide its (Pilgrims' Health) awareness service, before and during the Hajj season, the Center will conduct an interview, from 1 to 3pm, on 25/11/1432H, which falls on 23/10/2011, with Dr. Anwar Faqiha, consultant obstetrics and gynecology at Al-Yamamah Hospital, for the purpose of responding to the inquiries of women wishing to perform Hajj, as well informing them of the important tips and precautions to be abided by before and during the Hajj season.

On Monday, 26/11/1432H (24/10/2011), from 1 to 3pm, the Center shall host Dr. Nisreen Al-Sherbini, consultant infectious diseases and fevers at Riyadh Military Hospital, to answer the inquiries and questions related to endemic and infectious diseases, and provide pilgrims with tips on how to evade diseases and address any emergency.

Whereas, on Thursday, 27/11/1432H (25/10/2011), from 10am to 12pm, there will be an interview with Dr. Safeyyah Al-Sherbini, consultant endocrinology and diabetes at King Fahd Medical City.
Besides, Dr. Nasser Al-Dossari, consultant and head of Digestive System and Liver Division, at King Saud Medical Complex, Riyadh, will be answer the inquiries made be patients and their families in this important specialty. This will be in the course of two hours, from 1 to 3pm, on Wednesday, which falls on 28/11/1432H (26/10/2011).

As for the therapeutic nutrition and general nutrition during the Hajj season for this year, Dr. Amal Kenanah, consultant therapeutic nutrition, will be receiving the inquiries and questions related to this important field from those wishing to perform Hajj, on Saturday, 2/12/1432H, which falls on 29/10/2011, from 1 to 3pm.
The Center, in addition, is conducting an interview, on Sunday, 3/12/1432H (30/10/2011), from 1 to 3pm, with Dr. Muhib Al-Abdullah, senior consultant heart diseases at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, to educate pilgrims (especially the elderly) on cardiac issues, and provide apt responses to their inquiries, such that determine whether or not the questioner will be able to perform Hajj.

Needless to say, the specialists of the Media Information and Health Awareness Center will be providing, throughout the working time, the important tips and precautions for pilgrims and their families on the indispensability of adhering to the medical prescriptions and other health-related issues.

Last Update : 19 October 2011 01:24 PM
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