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Minister of Health Chairs the 57th Meeting of the Council of Health Services
10 October 2011
   Under the chairmanship of His Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, the 57th meeting of the Council of Health Services was held at the headquarters of the Council, based in Riyadh. The meeting reviewed a number of the issues that had been formerly addressed in the studies and analyses prepared by the competent committees, as well as the preparatory committee of the Council.
Following the end of the meeting, Dr. Yaqoub bin Youssef Al-Mazroua, Secretary-General of the Council, stated that the meeting agenda included a variety of issues, most notably discussing the proceedings and recommendations of the workshop organized by the Saudi Society for Evidence Based Health Care. The Council has approved the recommendations put forward by the association, which include enhancing the culture of evidence based health care, by means of introducing this concept into all the Kingdom's health sectors, as part of the national health strategy of the upcoming two decades. It also recommended making every effort to provide specialized academic certificates for post-graduate practitioners. The association, besides, placed considerable emphasis on training all officials and workers in the various fields of health quality.
The meeting also discussed the report of the National Commission for Comprehensive Developmental Disorders (Autism), which includes its prevalence rate among citizens, the health services required, the role of health services in achieving the well-being of people with autism, and how to deal with the disease.
Dr. Al-Marzoua added that the Council tackled the profession of cupping (hijama), and briefed on the report prepared by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in this regard. The report involved a field study on the subject, as well as the international experiences and the observations of the international organizations on the profession of cupping.
Furthermore, Dr. Marzoua pointed out that the Council approved the minutes of the committee assigned to prepare a mechanism for the application of the new wage scale for Saudi health practitioners, as part of recruitment programs in general, specialized, and referential governmental hospitals.
Concluding his statement, Dr. Al-Mazroua said: «His Excellency Minister of Health, Chairman of the Council of Health Services, has inaugurated the e-portal of the Council. The meeting has also discussed the latest updates and developments related to the project of applying the (ICD.10) health code, and launching its e-portal.»
It is worth mentioning that the Council of Health Services aims to develop the regulations that ensure coordination and integration between the Kingdom's various health entities, with a view to providing affordable, safe, and high-quality health services, in a way that ensures the accomplishment of justice, and puts an end to the waste of resources. It also endeavors to work in cooperation with the relevant health entities for the purpose of implementing the national programs that contribute to the improvement and promotion of citizens' health.

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