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MOH approved The National Guard Health Centers in Qassim and Hail as Child-Friendly
18 July 2023

​​The Ministry of Health stated that it has approved the two primary health care centers in the Ministry of National Guard in Qassim and Hail, two child-friendly centers. The ministry said that this comes after they passed the criteria of the Child-Friendly Initiative, which is supervised by the Breastfeeding Encouragement Program in the General Department of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health, where the center provides a supportive environment for breastfeeding for mothers immediately after birth to enable the mother to breastfeed. It is noteworthy that the initiative of Baby Friendly Hospitals was launched by the World Health Organization in 1991. This is part of the global efforts to implement, promote and support breastfeeding, as the initiative aims to promote breastfeeding and protect it from marketing breast-milk substitutes, by providing a supportive environment for mothers in health institutions and training relevant health workers in the skills of providing help to the mother, and motivating her to breast-feeding practices and correct infant feeding. The Ministry of Health attaches great importance to this initiative, through the Breastfeeding Promotion Program. This is done by following up, monitoring, and evaluating health institutions in the public and private sectors, providing technical support, central training courses for the sectors, and training residents for the initiative at the level of the Kingdom, as the number of health facilities that have received the child-friendly title to date is (41) hospitals and health centers inside and outside the Ministry of Health, in addition to many centers and hospitals which are being rehabilitated.

Last Update : 19 July 2023 09:22 AM
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