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A 10-Hours Surgery Saves a Foot from Amputation in Taif
17 July 2023

Surgeons in Taif were able to save the foot of a patient who had a traffic accident and perform several surgeries which took 10 hours, applying precise technology, which were very successful, praise be to Allah.Taif Health indicated that a medical team at the Department of Plastic Surgery at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital in Taif was able, in a qualitative surgery, to save a patient's foot from amputation after he was involved in a traffic accident that caused him to lose the soft tissues of the left foot with exposure of the foot bones.The medical team supervising the case confirmed that a treatment plan was immediately drawn up after intensive clinical examinations, where an urgent surgery was performed, which was repeated a number of times, with the aim of cleaning the wound from ruptured tissues and foreign bodies, and covering the exposed bones using the microscopic surgery technique and free tissue transfer using a skin-muscular flap from the patient's thigh and transferred to his leg by connecting it to an artery and vein in the leg.The team indicated that after that the patient was placed under observation and medical follow-up for the development of his health condition until the condition of the free flap stabilized, after which an intensive functional medical rehabilitation plan was conducted to help the patient walk again and return to his normal life.It is worth noting that the emergency department at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital received more than 6,700 emergency cases during the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, and the surgeons in the operations department were able to perform 350 operations during the same period.

Last Update : 17 July 2023 02:04 PM
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