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MOH emphasizes the Necessity to Convert Paper Vaccination Record into Digital One
03 August 2023

The Ministry of Health stressed the importance and necessity of documenting your children's vaccinations and converting the paper vaccination record into an electronic one, emphasizing the speed in documenting it, to avoid loss, damage and to facilitate easy access thereto, for reference at any time; Especially since its documentation is linked to the schools' fitness examination.MOH explained that health centers are still receiving citizens to document child vaccinations in vaccination clinics daily, in morning and evening periods.Ministry of Health had also previously renewed its incentive for citizens to convert the paper vaccination records of their children into digital records, a service that it launched recently, which is the electronic certificate service for children's vaccinations as an alternative to the paper certificate, so that they can review, keep and refer to it at any time during reservation through the vaccination documentation clinic, or by self-registration through Sehhaty app.

This service comes from Ministry of Health as part of the health digital transformation, and facilitation of health services for citizens, within the framework of the critical importance of children’s vaccinations and the record in which they are recorded, by going to the vaccination documentation clinic; This is to facilitate steps of booking, so that an appointment is booked at the vaccination documentation clinic, then go to the center with the paper vaccination card, and the certificate will appear in Sehhaty application.It is noteworthy that "Sehhaty" is an application launched by Ministry of Health to provide health services to individuals in the Kingdom, and it allows the user to access health information and obtain a number of health services provided by various authorities in the health sector.


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