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3 Hours Surgery to End Suffering of a Child from Repeated Dislocation of the Kneecap

​​A medical team specializing in pediatric orthopedics and sports injuries at Najran New General Hospital was able to successfully re-dislocate the kneecap of a 10-year-old child, in a 3-hour surgery, All Praises be to Allah. Najran Health Ministry said: The patient was suffering from difficulty walking and annoying pain in the knees as a result of repeated removal of the two patellae. Where the medical and surgical team decided - after conducting clinical and radiological examinations - to perform a surgical operation to return the patella to its normal location, and to repair the lateral tendon by taking a tendon from the knee itself, and to return the patella to its normal place after relaxation of clogged tissues using the endoscope in an operation as one of the specialized qualitative operations in this field. The child left the hospital in good health, and was given the necessary follow-up to complete the treatment plan, which includes rehabilitation and physical therapy. It is worth noting that Najran General Hospital received, during the first half of this year, 34,550 patients in the outpatient departments, and 31,247 in the emergency departments. While the number of surgeries reached 1,317, and 129,838 laboratory tests were conducted.

Last Update : 02 August 2023 12:38 PM
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