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Minister of Health’s Statement Related to the Updates of Coronavirus Injuries in the Kingdom
12 May 2013
Proceeding from its transparency with citizens, the whole community and the mass media, the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirms that since the the detection of the first case infected with the novel typical Coronavirus, that belongs to “Corona” virus family, MOH has allowed all to know these events, based on professionalism and transparency. In addition, it kept on announcing all confirmed cases after diagnosis. Since detecting this mysterious virus, MOH has proceeded to communicate with experts inside and outside the Kingdom as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, it invited experts from Columbia University to participate in the field and environmental survey; in an endeavor to access to scientific results contributing to the prevention of this disease. MOH has further invited the relevant experts from Canada, USA and WHO, to review all procedures carried out by MOH, including visiting hospitals and patients, and accessing to patient’s files, as well as communicating with all professional health workers.
The number of the infected cases of this disease in the Kingdom since the month of Shawwal, 1433 H (corresponding to September, 2012) up to now reached 24 cases, fifteen of whom passed away, May Allah have mercy upon him. Meanwhile, on my own behalf and on behalf of all MOH employees, we would like to extend deepest condolences and solace to their families and relatives.
Based on the follow-up of the cases, it's become obvious that the symptoms of the disease are high temperature and cough, followed by severe pneumonia affecting both lungs, and after diagnosis has been made by taking samples of the Respiratory tract fluids, it has been detected that most cases have chronic diseases leading to poor patient's immune.
Based on studying these cases, indications of transmission of the virus to the close contacts have been found. However, the way of transmission and source of the virus are still unknown up to this time, but serious efforts are exerted for further research, survey and study; in order to reach at confirmed facts or results enabling MOH to inform the citizens and the community with all that achieves their security and safety. Meanwhile, we are optimistic, Allah willing.
It is noteworthy that MOH is keeping on cooperation with WHO and the national and international experience entities; so as to achieve the safety and health of this nation, its citizens and the whole society.
We call upon everyone to abide by following the public guidelines, namely personal hygiene, washing hands, and staying away from the injured; in order to prevent flu viruses. MOH will inform you with any developments.
Peace be upon you, and blessings and mercy of Allah.

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