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Dr. Al-Howasi: “MOH Participation in (Janadriyah 28) Embodies the Saudi Society's Interest in Heritage and Culture”
10 April 2013
The Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs, Dr. Mansour bin Naser Al-Howasi emphasized that the Ministry has been always showing keen interest in participating in Janadriyah Festival for Heritage and Culture; due to what it represents of national connotation that embodies the glorious history and present of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it affirms its Islamic and Arabic identity to consolidate and maintain all aspects of national heritage for future generations.
Dr. Al Howasi indicated that the MOH participation in Janadriyah 28 embodies the Saudi society's interest in heritage and culture; since it was the cornerstone of the civilization, renaissance and advancement that the Kingdom has been witnessing since its foundation by the Founder King Abdulaziz -mercy be upon him.
He added that the advancement witnessed in the health sector is considered one of the bright sides that Janadriyah highlights. MOH participates in Janadriyah 28; as many health projects were executed and launched in many health projects in various Saudi regions. The total MOH hospitals are 257, whereas health centers are 2109. Currently, many health projects are being launched of health cities, specialized hospitals, medical towers and ideal health centers, which contribute to promoting health services offered to citizens and residents.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Howasi said: “The MOH Pavilion in Janadriyah previews the advancement of health services in several stages, in addition to raising awareness and educating the society in the field of health by clinics and associated activities. Furthermore, the corner introduces visitors with facilities, health programs as well as previewing the stages of health services in the Kingdom. Also, health services are offered by the health facilities participating in the MOH Pavilion.’’

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