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Minister of Health Issues a Decision to Employ the 1st Batch of Health Diploma Holders
01 January 2012
​   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz AL Rabeeah, has issued a decree to employ 935 Health Diploma holders, of both genders, specialized in the following disciplines: Radiology, Nutrition, Anesthesia, Surgeries, Laboratories and Physical Therapy. These are the first batch from the 4000 graduates to be recruited in the Ministry in accordance with the Royal Decree No. A / 121, dated 4 June 2011, and in accordance with the differentiation conducted by the Ministry of Civil Service. Moreover, the nomination of the other batches is currently underway and will be announced during the next few weeks.
The decree obligates the concerned individuals to attend the approved training program, as their date of employment will be the date of joining the program. The program is considered a part of the evaluation of their one-year probationary period. Employed graduates are also required to take on their assigned duties at the assigned locations. Relocation requests before the completion of the first year will be dismissed. Furthermore, the decision stipulates that each directorate should complete the recruitment requirements and coordinate with the Assistant Agency for Workforce Development and the Training and Scholarship General Department as regards enrolling the employed graduates in the assigned training program, completing the needed procedures, and enabling them to join the program before taking on their assigned duties.
To view the list of employees' names (available only in Arabic), click here.

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