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Minister of Health Approves Withdrawing the License of a Private Hospital in Al-Khafji
20 June 2012
   His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has approved a resolution stipulating withdrawing the license of a private hospital in Al-Khafji, and completely annulling it, on the ground that the hospital committed several violations to the Private Health Institutions Regulation. It is the tenth hospital to have its license withdrawn over the past six months.
This resolution comes within the framework of the Ministry's keen interest in preserving patients' health and well-being, as well as improving the health services provided by the private sector. It followed that the Private Health Institutions Violations Committee, at the Health Affairs General Directorate of the Eastern Region, immediately drew the license of the hospital, and fined it with a sum of SR 100.000, in compliance with the Private Health Institutions Regulation. Among the violations committed by the hospital is that it didn't appoint a Saudi medical director, didn't provide enough consultant physicians, in addition to the lack of resident doctors, laboratory technicians, and nurses. That's to be added to the shortage of equipment necessary for these sections: operations room, ICU, dental clinics, the pharmacy and the laboratory. Other violations were detected at the nutrition section and the laboratory, especially violations related to staff examination. The hospital was found, also, non-compliant with Article 8 of the aforementioned Regulation, by hiring unlicensed technical staff.
The Ministry made clear that it will continue to take strict measures and punitive actions, including closure, against any health institution found to be violating the applied quality standards of health services. In doing so, the Ministry aims to oblige these institutions to improve their circumstances and amend all defects, according to what is stipulated in the legal procedures. In conclusion of its announcement, the Ministry emphasized that it looks upon the private health sector as a strategic partner, playing a crucial role in health development. In the meantime, it hopes that the private health sector will comply with the accepted quality standards, so as to provide safe and secure health services to our citizens, concordant with the MOH's responsibility and aspirations. Health service providers have to offer best-quality patient-centered services, fulfilling the world's highest standards, and putting into action the MOH's slogan: “Patient First”.

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