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Dr. Al-Mazrou Announces the Tenders of 100 New Medical Warehouses throughout the Kingdom
10 June 2012
   The Deputy Minister of Health for Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs, Dr. Salah bin Fahad Al-Mazrou, has announced that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is about to make the tenders of 100 new medical warehouses throughout the Kingdom. He pointed out that the establishment of these warehouses will be distributed on four phases, seeking to facilitate the work of contractors. While opening a training course on “Total Quality Management of Medical Supply”, yesterday, Dr. Al-Mazrou revealed that the Ministry has recently embarked on the establishment of 29 new medical warehouses. Thus, the total number of warehouses serving the hospitals of peripheral regions is 129 warehouses.
Dr. Al-Mazou said, “In cooperation of a number of international corporations, the Ministry has been showing keen interest in the adoption of the highest technical specifications in the establishment of these warehouses, in pursuit of conformity to the standards and specifications set by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. It should be noted in this regard, also, that the MOH Agency of Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs has undergone a paradigm shift, as manifested in the provision of drugs and medicines, which is one of the fruits of the MOH Drug Formulary recently launched.”
 “To that end,” Dr. Al-Mazrou continued, “directors of medical supply have been granted more powers, to be capable of the computerization of work at these departments, as well as introducing the electronic audit system, and linking them to a computer system to conduct sound inventory control depending on this technique. This will help minimize the waste, and conduct strict control on drugs and inventory. This method will also contribute to reduce the close-to-expiry drugs, control the surplus, and enhance the precision of drug process, which in turn will be reflected on the good planning for drugs and medical supplies in the future.”
It is noteworthy that the aforementioned training course, on “Total Quality Management of Medical Supply”, was attended by the assistant directors of health affairs for medical supply. It aims to raise the level of medical-supply services provided throughout the Kingdom's regions and provinces. The course is organized in coordination with the MOH Training and Scholarship General Department, seeking to develop the skills of medical-supply officials. It comes within the framework of the Ministry's unstinting pursuit of the development, training and qualification of all MOH employees. In doing so, the officials look forward to put into effect the slogan: “Together, towards better medical-supply services”. The course was accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) to have 9 hours of continuing medical education.

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