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The 4th Pediatric Conference Held under the Deputy Minister for Health Affairs' Auspices
23 April 2012
   His Excellency the Deputy Minister for Health Affairs, Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Howasi, has announced that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is carrying out a number of specialized health programs devoted to the maternal and child health, aside from the programs oriented to all society members, as part of the MOH's Health Care Strategy.
In his address delivered before the Fourth Pediatric Conference, held today under his auspices on behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, Dr. Al-Howasi said, “The Ministry of Health (MOH), under the robust follow-up of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has set its eye on the patient, whether a child, mother or other segments of the society. It is aiming at putting into action the MOH's slogan: “Patient first” by providing high-quality, patient-centered health services, with a view to the fulfillment of the Leadership's aspirations in this regard.”
Dr. Al-Howasi commended the significant efforts exerted by the Saudi Pediatric Society to develop the specialty of pediatrics throughout the Kingdom by organizing scientific events and workshop. For his part, the Chairman of the Society, Dr. Abdullah Al-Omair, mentioned that a wide range of research papers on pediatrics will be submitted during the conference, with the aim to facilitate access to latest scientific information, as well as improving the health care services provided for children and prompting exchange of experiences. He added, “Besides, this step comes within the framework of the policy adopted by the Society, basically based upon the development, support and encouragement of medical cadres specialized in pediatrics. That's to be put into effect by providing them with the latest and most advanced medical information, and encouraging them to make optimal use of it. Among the conference's, also, is to discuss the latest developments in pediatrics, with the participation of a constellation of pediatric specialists, both national and international, in pursuit of enriching the conference's scientific material.”
Dr. Al-Omair went on to say, “It does not escape my notice to thank His Excellency the Minister of Health for his gracious support, which, though, should come as no surprise, for he has been always showing keen interest in patronizing such events which enrich medical cadres. And this will be, accordingly, reflected in the development of health services provided for the Kingdom's children.”
The Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Khalid Al-Mebraik, for his part, pointed out that the conference is attended by a constellation of pediatricians, both Saudis and non-Saudis. He said, “The conference targets, in the first place, specialists in pediatrics and primary health care, as well as medical trainees and all those working in the field of pediatrics (technicians and nurses). The conference covers all pediatric subspecialties through 8 scientific sessions encompassing 30 lectures and 4 workshops. Three scientific sessions will be held on the first day, the first session of which sheds light on communicable diseases, the second is planned to tackle endocrinology, and the second session will be devoted to neurology. That's to be added to a major lecture by the Head of Pediatric Mental Diseases Unit, Dr. Mark Everard, on children's respiratory medications. On the second day, three scientific session will be held on chest diseases, autonomic dysfunction, genetic diseases and digestive diseases. On the third day, there will be two sessions on cardiac and blood pressure diseases. The second and third days are planned to be concluded with workshops on pulse disorders in children, mental oversight in children's ICU, basics of medical imaging of children and evidence-based medicine. “The Saudi Commission for Health Specialists (SCHS) has approved 34 hours of continuing medical education for this conference,” Dr. Al-Mebraik said.

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