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Dr. Khedr: New Self-Employment Jobs to be Advertised on the MOH Portal for up to Two Weeks
27 February 2012
​   Today morning, His Excellency the Director-General of MOH Recruitment, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Khedr, has inaugurated a workshop on the unification of the mechanism of electronic recruitment and self-employment programs in Riyadh, with the attendance of the directors of self-employment of all health affairs directorates throughout the Kingdom's regions.
Dr. Khedr pointed out that this workshop is meant to familiarize the attendees with the unification system of the electronic recruitment of self-employment programs, as well as achieving the principles of justice and transparency for all candidates and nominees. It also aims to update candidates, via e-mail or SMS, with all the application steps and procedures, from the very beginning to the final decision. It seeks, also, to facilitate candidates' registration in the electronic differentiation system developed by the Ministry to justly identify who are best qualified and competent for these jobs, according to their qualifications.
Dr. Khedr went on to explain that all self-employment communications between MOH, health affairs directorates and applicants will be completely electronic. In doing so, the Ministry seeks to provide a rapid means of communication with officials, and make sure that all dealings will be received, handled and resent to senders in record time, as opposed to the postal mail which used to be slow and inefficient. This new program ensures responses to the various e-mails and applications within up to two weeks, following which dealings will be sent to the respective health affairs directorate, quickly and efficiently, thus helping ease the pressure on these directorates, and, accordingly, employ a large number of candidates; which is our main responsibility.
 “Self-employment jobs,” Dr. Khedr added, “will be advertised on the MOH Portal 4 times during this year: 15 Muharram, 15 Rabi Thani, 15 Rajab and 15 Shawwal, to be occupied by qualified Saudi cadres. We have developed a certain mechanism through which the region's director of health affairs will be assigned to head the employment committee in the region, and the region's directors self-employment will be designated secretaries of these committees. The committee will include in its membership one of the hospital's officials, the financial or therapeutic assistant and a member of the directorate's internal control.”  
Dr. Khedr affirmed, in conclusion, that the workshop will be held over 3 days, starting on Monday, to grant self-employment directors the opportunity of getting familiarized with the mechanism of electronic recruitment, the unified formation of employment committees, and the unified job advertisement, as well as the occupational itinerary and the criteria and degrees of differentiation among candidates.

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