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An Important Press Release Concerning the Current Cloud of Dust
26 February 2012
   In light of the cloud of dust currently sweeping some regions of the Kingdom, the Ministry of Health (MOH), proceeding from its keen interest in maintaining citizens' health and well-being, advises all citizens and residents, especially those suffering from asthma or any other chest diseases, to keep away from dust, and to stay at home and not to leave it except in cases of urgent necessity.
The Ministry has also underscored the importance of medical preventive facemasks when exposure to the cloud of dust, since dust particles could bring about respiratory irritation, leading up to nasal allergy. It also revealed that His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has given his directions to all the directors of health affairs in the regions affected by the cloud of dust to take the necessary measures and keep a close eye on the situation so as to preserve people's health and safety.
For its part, the MOH Media and Health Awareness General Department has issued the health instructions apt to protect people during wind and dust clouds. Among the recommended tips and instructions is to keep away from hanging dust and sand particles during sandstorms, and not to leave home except in cases of urgent necessity. It also recommended following weather forecasts on TV, radio or the website of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME).
It also recommended sealing doors and windows to prevent dust from entering into buildings and houses, as well as giving greater attention to hygiene during this time of year, which often witnesses frequent winds and storms. That is to be added, of course, to the cleanliness of buildings and houses, especially bed rooms and mattresses.
These instructions and recommendations stressed also the importance of using medical preventive facemasks, or, instead, a wet towel or gauze (shash) when being outdoors during wind, or when necessity be. It is of high importance also to change these facemasks every now and then. As for asthma and respiratory patients, they have to stay at home and not to leave it except in cases of urgent necessity, as well as abiding by the doctor's instructions and using the appropriate medications to avoid the risk of asthma attacks. Besides, it is of crucial importance for those who have recently undergone ophthalmic or nasal surgeries to avoid direct exposure to winds and sandstorms.
The Ministry of Health called upon citizens to head for the nearest health center or emergency center in cases of emergency. It also recommended for vehicle drivers to seal windows during wind, and using the air-conditioner at a proper temperature if necessity be.
In its statement recently issue, MOH has stressed that all its facilities are fully ready for handling emergency cases, pointing out that emergency sections in all MOH hospitals work around the clock in the regions affected by the cloud of dust, especially the Eastern Province and the Central Province. All the necessary precautions have been taken in preparation of the reception of respiratory patients, both older and younger persons, although such winds, storms and dust clouds cause a significant increase of respiratory patients, especially those suffering from asthma.

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