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Leadership Supports MOH to Establish Medical Cities
31 May 2011
The Ministry of Health is keen to implement the Royal Decrees allocating SR 16 billion to establish medical cities in various regions of the Kingdom. This investment will meet the leadership’s expectations and the citizens’ health needs and will allow the MOH to make the best use of these medical cities.  

A decree was issued assigning Dr. Nahar Al Azmi to supervise the project of Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Medical City to serve the Northern region, and Dr. Ahmed Al Nami to supervise the project of King Faisal Medical City to serve the Southern region of the Kingdom.  Both doctors have expressed their profound gratitude and deep thanks to HE the Minister for placing his trust in them.  They expressed their hope that their hard work and diligence will allow them to be of best service to the Kingdom. 

The new medical cities are considered an important addition to the national health services system; they will provide fourth-level services and add about 7000 beds). Each medical city is linked to the Ministry’s Divan through the Board of Medical Cities, headed by His Excellency the Minister of Health.  Membership consists of representatives from a number of sectors, including the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Service.  

The new medical cities will include such components as specialized hospitals and cancer centers. They will offer neurological services, complex heart procedures, radiation therapy, organ transplants, ophthalmological treatment and other relatively rare specialties.  The goal of creating healthcare cities in more regions of the Kingdom is to provide comprehensive health services to patients close to where they live.

Last Update : 04 June 2011 12:16 PM
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