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Ministry of Health Approves Voluntary Work in Subsidiary Facilities
01 May 2011
Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rabeeah, recently announced that the Ministry of Health is working on approving a voluntary work system in subsidiary facilities. 

During the recent launch of the Charitable Health Centre Project for Enayah, HE stated that the Ministry is in the process of setting up the system, which reflects our Islamic teachings and our leaders’ commitment to such charitable work.  Dr. Al Rabeeah also announced that the Ministry is reviewing health center operating hours as a part of its goal of providing suitable health services to everyone. HE also encouraged people to participate in such  voluntary work.  

Vise-Chairman of Enayah’s Board of Directors, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Swailem, stated that the project consists of a group of general and specialized clinics, in collaboration with Alber Charitable Organization (Mekal and AL Shemaisy Branches), at which primary healthcare services are provided along with specialized, ambulance, surgical and anesthesia medical services as needed. 

Primary healthcare, curative and pharmaceutical services are provided to poor and needy people with the cooperation of both governmental and private sector health services. Other components of the program are the development and implementation of a volunteer system, the hiring of government staff for charitable medical work and the raising of health awareness in targeted communities.    

Dr. Swailem added that the project also aims to establish primary clinics for critical medical cases.  Healthy Child clinics will provide basic vaccinations and monitor children’s health development, and Obstetrics & Gynecology clinics will offers services in those specialties, including prenatal care.     

Another goal of the center is to develop a number of specialized clinics to enhance the quality of health services. These clinics will operate on a weekly, as-needed basis as needed, and will include Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Orthopedic Surgery, Dermatology, E.N.T, Psychiatric and Dental Clinics. 
Pharmaceutical Services will also be included to provide basic drugs, laboratory testing (X-ray, ultrasound and ECG) and medical equipment to patients with chronic diseases, either free of charge or for a nominal price.   

The center also aims to raise public health awareness in particular areas through the distribution of brochures, posters, audio and visual media at the center.  Other outreach activities will include lectures, activities and campaigns about common diseases and smoking. Social services are also included to evaluate the social status of patients covered by the center’s mandate.  With the cooperation of Alber Charitable Organization, money may be given to low-income patients with special needs or chronic diseases.

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