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Health Services Council approves the National Standards for Healthcare Facilities Accreditation
05 December 2011
   On behalf of His Excellency the Minister of Health and Chairman of the Health Services Council, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah, His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Seef, headed the 58th meeting of the Council of Health Services, which was held at the headquarters of the Council, based in Riyadh. Many topics were discussed in the meeting.
At the conclusion of the meeting, the Secretary-General of Health Services Council, Dr. Yaqoub Al Mazro'a, clarified that the Council has set the National Standards for Healthcare Facilities Accreditation in order to improve health services, and attain the highest levels. Healthcare facilities are the cornerstone of health care due its preventive and therapeutic services provided to patients.
The meeting has also approved the Saudi Guide for Tobacco-Cessation Services as a guide for workers in this field in all health sectors. This Guide, prepared by the Anti-Smoking Program in the Ministry of Health, is in line with related guides followed in developed countries.
Dr. Al Mazro'a added that the Council has adopted “The National Program For Reducing Disability Through Early Examination of Infants” as a national program, obliging all health sectors to implement the program in their hospitals to conduct newborn screening tests, and diagnose and treat patients with the metabolic and hormonal disorders that require long-term health care to avoid mental and physical disabilities. This is based on what has been achieved since the beginning of the Program in 1426H, as approximately 600.000 newborns have been tested, and 600 cases were diagnosed and treated from one or more of the disorders included in the program, which has contributed to saving them.
Moreover, the issue of providing health care for Alzheimer's patients in public health sectors has been discussed, as it was given a high priority to provide appropriate services for patients with this disease.
Dr. Al Mazro'a stated that the Council has also discussed the political declaration of the meeting of the General Assembly on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases, as well as two studies conducted by the Food and Drug Administration in collaboration with a number of specialists and experts. The first study is concerned with the evaluation of the department and X-ray equipments in the Kingdom’s health facilities, whereas the other one is concerned with recycling and using disposable “single-use” medical equipments and products, and taking the necessary decisions regarding this matter.

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