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Vector-Borne Diseases Specialists Visit KSA to Ensure the Fulfillment of Health Requirements
25 October 2011
   A medical team specialized in Vector-Borne Diseases (VBD) is paying a five-day visit to the Kingdom, with the aim to see how far health requirements are fulfilled in concordance with the Global Health Systems, ratified in 2007, and are expected to officially take effect throughout the world by June 2012.
Dr. Ziad Memish, Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine, described the program as one of paramount importance, in that it highlights the coordination taking place in full swing between the Kingdom's ministries and government departments in order to meet these requirements, most important of which is the formation of a national committee meant to discuss world-scale risks. This commission conforms representatives from all the government sectors, under the chairmanship of the MOH representative. It is intended to develop large surveys and effective methods of early warning at air, sea, and land ports; with a view to preventing the entry of diseases or Vector-Borne Diseases (VBD), in addition to enhancing the rehabilitation capabilities of health inspectors and diagnostic laboratories throughout the Kingdom, so as to report any disease that could possibly pose a threat to the region or the world.
Besides, one of the responsibilities assigned to the committee is to maintain a sound means of communication among all the government sectors (through the e-mail and cell phones), as well as a mechanism connecting the organization with its officials, through a private webpage (Secure), on the (National Focal Point) network, which helps know if there is a disease in a country which could potentially move along to other countries.
Dr. Memish went on to say that the team is going to visit ports and meat with the officials of various government sectors, and then submit a report on the readiness, eligibility and capacity of the Kingdom to meet the international health requirements.
It is worth mentioning that the team consists of such eminent members as Dr. John Sabour, Dr. Daniel Menucci, Dr. Bros Plotkin, Dr. Hala Esmat, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, Bebrabuhana, and Dr. Rajesh Sridharan.

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